North Exuma Excursion  

A more affordable option, with pigs as well, but not “The Swimming Pigs”. One-hour high-speed boat ride to the dreamy Exuma cays some 38 nautical miles away from Nassau. You will be accompanied by about 30 others. Kick back on the beaches, hang at the beach bar, and take part in all of the below! 

  • Shark, Pig & Stingray Experiences  

  • Beautiful Snorkeling  

  • Fresh Cooked Lunch (included)  

  • Bahamian Conch Salad Show  

  • Open Bar – (included)  

*Adults $250 | Kids $180

*Seats fill up fast! Please book as early in advance as you can.

*The trip is not suitable for children under 2 years. 

*We do not allow back injuries, broken bones, pregnancies, heart conditions or any other conditions that may be affected by a high-speed boat ride.

Affordable Exuma Group Experience

Rose Island Day Trip

Sandy Toes is just a quick 15 minute boat ride from Nassau, to the beautiful Rose Island, where you can spend the day partying at your own private beach paradise! Join a few other groups and explore one of Nassau's most popular Islands!

  • Take a 25 minute boat ride from Paradise Island to Rose Island while touring Nassau Harbor  

  • Land on Rose Island and welcomed by the friendly staff and a welcome drink  

  • Enjoy Beach Volleyball, Kayaking, Snorkeling, Tanning, Massages and much more.  

  • Have great drinks & inclusive lunch at their beach bar  

  • Play with and feed the swimming pigs  

  • Back to Nassau on a quick boat ride  

*$120 per person  

A Local Group Experience