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Originally from Los Angeles, California, I set out on frequent travel adventures around the world. Upon traveling to Nassau, Bahamas I saw an amazing culture with much to explore, but had no idea where to start. 


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Located in Nassau, Bahamas | 310.251.7596 | info@floatyourboatbahamas.com

Don't worry, they wont bite ;)

As soon as you divulge yourself into the water, you'll find these sweet creatures are completely uninterested in you. Catch them during their lunch time and you will find yourself surrounded!

These nurse sharks are bottom feeders for the most part and considered harmless, unless of course you pretend your fingers are food.

There are a couple locations around the Bahamas to swim with these guys, you can also pet them, have a photoshoot with them and give them lots of love, they have no problem with it!

Interested in swimming with the sharks? Contact us today!

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