Best local Bahamian food spots in Nassau, Bahamas!

Updated: Apr 25

When you embark on your travel journey to the Bahamas, it's important to know what the locals do, and explore where the locals explore! There are many great establishments in Nassau, however you will notice a lot of them are very American and very touristy, we are a resort town after all! Amongst the riff raff of all the touristy spots, you will find some really amazing, hole in the wall, local joints, that will really give you an island feel! From bars, to fast food, to restaurants, I have listed below my favorite local Bahamian Joints, and why you should go there in the first place!

Plantation- Bar, Live Music & Food

Plantation is my go-to spot in the evenings when I have visitors in town. The vibes are always good, music is always bumpin’ and there is usually a good-sized crowd. Plantation is tucked away in a bunch of trees, surrounded by wild chickens running around, and very islandy décor. This is a perfect spot to grab a drink before or after dinner, or just to have dinner! The menu is mainly bar food, and the cocktails are always STRONG! If you’re around on a Wednesday, stop in for live Rake & Scrape Bahamian music, and a good time!

Nesbitts - A Bahamian Dining Experience

This is one of those spots that if you ask any of the locals “where can I get some good local food” they will point you to Nesbitts. Although the décor and vibes might throw you off at first, the food will give your taste buds a run for their money! My favorite dish here is the Sautéed Shrimp Entrée, it is served with onions and peppers, peas and rice & 2 sides (I always choose mac n cheese & potato salad) **Mouth waters**. Locals love the breakfast here as well, but don’t go here for an omelet, make sure you get the Chicken Souse, or Stew Fish with some Johnny Cake!

Dino’s- Conch Salad

If you visit the Bahamas and miss out on conch salad, you’ve done it all wrong! There are tons of places around the island for a good conch salad, one of my favorites being Dinos. I choose Dino’s because of the music; the view and it is one of the best conch salads on the island! What is a conch salad you might be asking... picture a ceviche, but with conch instead of fish, conch is a little chewier, and they pull it out of a shell! My favorite is the tropical salad, they throw some pineapple and apple into it, giving it a light sweetness to break up the heat from the pepper!

Original Patties- Snacks on the go!

Original Patties has probably seen very few tourists in its life, and it’s a shame, as it is so fricken good and so affordable! Located off the highway, Original Patties is the creator and distributor of almost all the patties you see in local shops, gas stations, and restaurants. What's a patty? Picture a large empanada, filled with chicken, veggies or beef deliciousness. These are perfect to buy on the go and eat, or to buy in bulk and have as snacks over your stay. In addition to their patties, the jerk chicken and sweet breads are a MUST try! My go to order is a chicken patty, ½ pound of jerk chicken and a coconut roll (all for $10). If that doesn’t hit the spot, I don’t know what will!

The Daq Shack – Cocktail Heaven

Daquiris are famous amongst the Caribbean islands, however, perfecting the perfect one is a skill. The guys over at The Daq Shack in Cable beach have perfected the Daiquiri, in fact, I would say these are the best Pina Coladas I’ve ever had! I'm not much of an explorer when it comes to daiquiris, I find that sometimes they can be too sugary, and too sweet, so when I found the Pina Colada I was in love, and never looked back. Head to the daq shack for some loud music, a good daiquiri and a mixed crowd of locals and tourists!

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