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Updated: Mar 26, 2019

When traveling to the Bahamas, you’re coming for the beautiful beaches, and crystal blue waters, am I right?! Although Nassau is an island, we are not fully surrounded by beaches. There are a few areas you can just pull over and have a beach day, however I wanted to give you a more in depth guide to choose the beach that is right for you! Unless you're staying in a hotel, or a beachfront vacation rental, you need to be more strategic with your beach plans! I've created a guide for you to use when planning your Bahamas vacation!

Here are my top 4 favorite beaches, each beach offers a different feel, each is amazing in its own way!

Cabbage beach

Located on Paradise Island, just east of the One & Only Four Seasons hotel, this is one of the most beautiful and visually stimulating beaches in Nassau. The waters are crystal clear, the sand is soft and white, and the beach is ALWAYS clean. Take your towel and your beers and park yourself there all day long. This is a popular beach, but not too touristy, there is usually a good combination of locals and tourists on any given day. There is a small convenience store at the top of the entrance that sells snacks & beers, but be warned it's much more expensive than it should be 🙂

Love Beach

Love beach is my favorite beach in Nassau, its located on the western part of the Island, just past Compass Point. Whether you have kids, or are looking for more of a party atmosphere, this is the beach for you! Love beach has a great shallow incave, perfect to park yourself in the water and not have to worry about waves, currents, or jetskiiers flying by. There is also great snorkeling, shelling, and rocks to explore for wildlife! If you’re in the mood to have a little fun, there is a beach bar with food & strong drinks! They may have a DJ on the weekends, and sometimes they have larger beach parties! Love Beach is usually packed on the weekends with locals & tourists, if you're looking for a quiet peaceful experience this may not be the spot for you!

Jaws Beach

Jaws Beach is located on the far Western end of Nassau, near Clifton Pier. The water is usually flat calm, and I would say the beach is a very relaxing experience. Jaws beach is lined with pine trees, giving you a real island feel. On Sundays, locals will bring out their BBQ’s & cocktails and have a party, besides for that, you’re safe if you’re going for some peace & quiet! There aren't any bars or restaurants near here, so bring your snacks and drinks with you!

Coral Harbour

Coral Harbour is by far the most quiet & peaceful beach of them all, some may find it underwhelming, but i think it's amazing. Located on the south side of the island, you get a different feel here than on the other beaches. You will notice that the water is extremely shallow, allowing you to walk out quite far, there are more rocks on the beach, and its surrounded by pine trees, giving you a Family Island feel, much like the beaches in Eleuthera. I love to explore the wildlife here, there are so many nooks & crannies where you can find starfish, big crabs, sea biscuits, conch and stingrays! There is a small motel/bar just a few steps down the beach for your libations 😀

**Local tip- check which way the wind is blowing (if it’s a windy day). If its blowing from the North, go to Jaws Beach or Coral Harbor, if its blowing from the South, go to Cabbage or Love Beach. 

It’s helpful to have a local assisting you with your Bahamas Adventures & Explorations. If you’d like more info, just shoot me an e-mail, I’m happy to help guide you!

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