Coffee Shop Guide- Nassau, Bahamas

Coffee shops have become quite the trend around the world and The Bahamas is not missing a beat. Recently, we have had some amazing coffee shops pop up in Nassau that will not disappoint! From specialty coffee to homemade pastries and an ambience that is to die for, you are sure to be impressed with the coffee shops hitting this small, yet busy island of Nassau!

A coffee shop is much more than just coffee. How you feel when you walk into a coffee shop is what makes it so great. Does it inspire you to create? Can you stay there for hours just chatting with your friends and colleagues? Do you feel cozy enough to just hang out and read a book or a magazine all day? Is the ambience so serene that you just want to sit and enjoy every sip or every bite? All these factors come into play when discovering an amazing coffee experience.

In Nassau, we are fortunate enough to have a few unique coffee shops. Each creating a different experience, all while enjoying a great cup of joe. 

Louis & Steens

The view everyone dies to look at while enjoying a cup of coffee, or a cup of anything for that matter! Louis & Steens is an adorable multi colored coffee shop right on the beach, with endless views of the turquoise waters. This family owned joint resembles a New Orleans style coffee shop, and they nailed it! From bright and colorful New Orleans style décor, to amazing New Orleans food, to New Orleans Style music, this is sure to be an experience you will remember. In addition to their amazing ambience, this place has amazing coffee options from hand pours to espresso drinks, they have you covered and will not leave you disappointed! As if this wasn’t perfect enough, just wait until you have one of their pastries! From their cinnamon bun to their different selection of croissants, you are sure to have a taste bud explosion!

Louis & steens is a great place to come with friends or colleagues, or alone to hang out and enjoy the amazing views and vibes it has to offer. I love bringing Scrabble and hang here for hours, I enjoy watching the people come in and out, and taking advantage of that ocean view. It’s also a great place to bring your laptop and get creative. The colors of the shop and the strong coffees will keep you creative and motivated as you dive into whatever it is you’re working on!

Bon Vivants

An “eye-gasm" is the best word to use for quite possibly the most aesthetically pleasing place I have ever stepped foot in to! This amazing coffee shop, covered in bright monkey wallpaper and decorated as if The Bahamas and Ernest Hemingway had a baby, will surely have you coming back time and time again! In addition to their amazing ambience, their locally roasted coffee and locally baked pastries will have your mouth watering for days! From an Espresso Tonic to just a regular cup of joe, they have an extensive list of amazing coffees, all of which will not disappoint.

Head there by yourself, with friends or colleagues and get lost in this creative time warp of a café. This is the perfect place to get creative, have meetings or just relax. Personally, I love to use their creativity to boost mine when coming here. Something about their ambience inspires me to create, motivates me to be productive and enhances my vision of all the amazing things that can be done. This place is truly a work of art, and I feel lucky to be able to feed off the energy every time I go there for a cup of amazing coffee.

Island House Coffee Bar

Located in the Boutique hotel of Island House, this is going to be a peaceful and relaxing experience all whilst enjoying a great breakfast and cappuccino. No matter what your choice of coffee or breakfast is, you will enjoy it here at the Island House Coffee Bar! Sit outside and enjoy the luscious greenery and calm infinity pool while you sip your drink and enjoy this peaceful ambience. Despite this being a hotel, the energy is always very calm. You will find a mixture of either tourists having a nice vacation breakfast, or locals having meetings. They have a full breakfast menu here, as well as pastries and a breakfast buffet, all of which are quite tasty!

Island house is my go to when I want to relax and feel at peace. I love to take my laptop and commandeer a table facing the pool. It’s a serene place to relax, stay caffeinated and keep your belly full. Also a great place to read a book, a magazine, or just hangout. Quite possibly the most peaceful café to be at. 

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