Cute, affordable Beach Rentals under $200 in Nassau, Bahamas

When traveling to a new destination, how do you know where to book your accommodations? When using sites like Airbnb & VRBO, they offer plenty of options and tons of cute looking places, however how do you know if they are actually in a great location? I’ve been on numerous vacations, booked a cute house, but found them to be in just an okay location. You can scour through the reviews and google maps, but there is no information that can compare to the insight of a local. 

After speaking with a Nassau local, you will quickly learn a few things about our little island. Some of the most common facts not known by travelers are that despite us being on an island, the whole island is not surrounded by beautiful beaches.

Another is, there is a big difference between “Ocean front” and “Beach front”. Just because you are ocean front does not mean you have beach access, this could mean that there is just water in front of the property, and who knows if you can even jump in it safely.

Finally, it can be quite deceiving when sifting through properties to actually know if the property is close to the beach or on the beach. Many vacation homeowners in the Bahamas post pictures of the beach, however this doesn’t mean the property is even remotely close to the beach, let alone a beach you actually want to go to. 

To save you the hassle, I’ve done the research for you. I've compiled a list of the 4 best places to stay on the beach under $200 per night. Not only are these properties located on a good beach, but they are cute, clean, have great reviews and get the thumbs up from me! I am not a complete stickler when it comes to vacation rentals, however I do like my vacation home to have a nice kitchen, clean bathrooms and comfy bedding!

You should note that a rental car is suggested when staying at any of these properties. Because they are located on the most beautiful beaches, they are a little more secluded. Rent a car from just $50 per day with Jose’s Rental Car 242-557-8943, they’ll drop the car off right to you at the airport, it doesn’t get more convenient than that!

Also, to ensure you have the perfect vacation, check out my other blog posts to get the inside scoop on the best things to do in The Bahamas. I’ve posted things from best beaches in Nassau to best restaurants in Nassau and best coffee shops, etc. I can also book your excursions for you, swim with the pigs, charter a local excursion and much more!

Contact me to get more information on excursions, use the links below to book your stay and enjoy your vacation!

Beach Front Studio $150 per night

Beach Front Studio $180 per night

Beach Front 2 Bedroom Cottage $190 per night

Beach Front Community* 2 Bedroom Townhouse $160 per night

*This property is in a community that is located on the beach, it is not a stand alone house directly on the beach

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