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Updated: May 26

If you’re heading to Nassau, Bahamas and you’ve decided your food budget is a non-issue, then this list will be your trips savior! Of course, even if you’re balling on a budget you can choose to experience one or two of these and you will definitely be satisfied!

Recently, Food & Wine Magazine posted an article about Nassau being the “foodie capital of the Caribbean” and they were not lying! In the past few years, there has been a big boom in some fantastic restaurants. Outside of the hotels, Nassau has never particularly been known for its fine dining options, however recently, that all has changed for the better!

Let me first clarify my definition of “fine dining”. This is not your typical, china plate, 5 courses, a waiter in suit type of fine dining. My list below is a selection of restaurants that have some high standards as far as their quality of food goes, have great service, a beautiful ambiance, and would check the boxes for everything I would consider to be an all-around amazing dining experience. The average price per couple for each of these restaurants varies, however, $150 per couple is a pretty standard rate with an order of one appetizer, two entrees, and two drinks. For the sake of supporting local businesses, and based on the fact that I actually don’t enjoy the hotel restaurants too much, this is just a list of the best restaurants outside of the major hotels in no particular order.

Happy eating!

Café Matisse

This is an adorable little Italian café, hidden behind some of the main streets in Downtown Nassau. This is definitely one of the first amazing dining spots in Nassau and they have done well keeping their customers coming back. Enjoy a delicious pasta or meat dish while enjoying the beautiful weather out on their patio.


Cocoplum wins as far as most instagramable restaurant goes. The outdoor patio is covered with greenery, wicker chairs, and a tiki type bar. They show old black and white movies from a projector in the evenings, they have delicious drinks and I have never had a bad meal. I would consider the food to be French with a Bahamian twist. The staff is friendly and I always leave satisfied!

Island Brothers

Island Bro’s will be your frenchiest French experience in Nassau. From the food to the drinks to the owners, you will feel as if you just stepped onto French soil. The meat selection is by far my favorite, they have fresh and different selections of charcuterie and meat weekly. They are always bringing in new options and are always surprising us with delicious menu additions. The cocktails are delicious, they have a great wine selection and your meal will not disappoint you!

Mahogany House

Mahogany is a great upbeat experience, oh and the food is great too. They have a large selection of different options, a very full bar menu, and a huge wine cellar. I most appreciate them for creating a lively environment and keeping their service and food consistent. You know when you’re going to Mahogany that it will be pretty busy, the music will be playing, there will probably be a basketball game on at the bar, and you’ll leave full and satisfied no matter what you order.

Meze Grill

Meze is another lively joint offering Mediterranean cuisine with a twist of Bahamian. This is an outgoing environment, usually filled with couples or groups of people gathering to socialize. The vibe is always good, as is the food and the drinks! I like to order a bunch of appetizers & dishes to share when dining here, as I think they have a great appetizer menu!


Shima is a Thai restaurant, truly one of a kind here in Nassau. Whipping up all sorts of amazing dishes with influence from Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia, this is an amazing spot for Lunch, Brunch, or Dinner. I can confidently say that I have tried everything on the menu and have liked everything on the menu. Every dish is a taste bud explosion, and every dish will have you coming back for more! Its spicy, different, delicious, beautifully presented, and always packed with flavor.

Social House

Social House is an upbeat sushi spot, serving delicious rolls and entrees. The vibe is always good whether you’re at the bar, or on the patio and the food is always amazing. Great drink options, delicious sushi, and always consistent with service!

Sushi Rokkan

Rokkan is your more traditional Japanese restaurant. Usually with more of a calm environment than Social House, but some amazing sushi and ramen. If you are a Ramen fan, then this is your place! I really enjoy their rolls as well as their bento boxes, pair them with a nice sake and you’ll be good to go!

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