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Get Your Fitness On, Bahamas Style

Is working out a priority on your vacation? For most, the answer is most likely “hell no” but for some the answer is “hell yes!” Even if it’s not a priority, it’s great to know where you can go to get your sweat on, even if it's just for one hour of your trip.

If you’re like me, you plan your vacation and then zoom in to the maps around your accommodations to find gyms around you and then plan your schedule with their class schedule. I know this is not the norm and most of you are probably reading this thinking I’m off my rocker. However, I know there are some people out there that do this too! Anyways, my point here is that Maps doesn't work as conveniently in the Bahamas as it does in other places. It's hard to find out where the best gyms & classes are without having the local inside scoop.

If you’re staying in a hotel, then your hotel will most likely have a gym, however there are more specialized gyms and fun classes outside the realms of your hotels! If you want to explore the island and experience what the locals do, then this will be a great activity for you!

Despite being a small developing country, we do have a few options for different types of workouts from Crossfit to Yoga, to Bootcamp & Martial Arts, we should have something to fit your needs! Here are some of the best spots to pop in to for a class:

Happy Hour Crossfit

This is a great little family ran Crossfit Gym, with great vibes and friendly people. Located just off the bridge from Paradise Island, this is a very convenient gym for people staying at Atlantis or any of the other accommodations on Paradise Island.

If you’re not a CrossFitter, don’t be discouraged! They offer many other classes, including Kickboxing, Bootcamp, Row Classes & Yoga! I recommend their Saturday class as they usually consist of high energy, fun workouts, plus they are not at the crack of dawn! Drop in price is usually $20 per person.

Crossfit Potcake

Located at the complete opposite side of the island near the airport, Crossfit Potcake is a great spot to get a true Crossfit workout in! If you are staying West of Baha Mar, then this is the option for you! If you are not a CrossFitter specifically, then you may want to consider another gym to get your sweat on, as there is no messing around over at Potcake! Drop in price is usually $20 per person.

Ohana Yoga

Your “Zen Zone”, located in Cable Beach, Ohana is a great place to attend yoga, barre & pilates class. Ohana will be your usual Yoga experience, located in a small studio, if you’re into yoga, but not a die hard yogi, this will be a good spot for you! Inquire with them for pricing.

Sivananda Ashram

The Land of the true Yogi's! This is a yoga haven for anyone looking for a real yoga experience. This is a beautiful yoga retreat, located right on the beach next to Atlantis, and accessible by a ferry.

You have the option to drop in to a class for $10 or hang there for the day, which will be inclusive of two meals, two yoga classes, Yoga Vacation workshops, and two satsangs for $45.

Fight Sports

Are you a Martial Artist? Then this is the place for you! Located near the airport, this is a great gym, offering Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, Women's Self Defense & MMA Classes. Pop into this gym for any class and you will feel like family! No matter your skill level, you will be welcomed with open arms and are sure to have a great class!

They have all the equiptment you will need when taking a class, so no need to lug your gloves & gi’s in your luggage! Come try for free!

Evolve Functional Fitness

Evolve is a family friendly gym, offering a wide range of different classes. Located in Palmdale, just a quick 3 minute ride over the bridge from Paradise Island. From swimming to bootcamps, to yoga, they have it all! The best part about Evolve is that you can bring your kids with you and workout while they work out too! If you are not a serious gym goer, and just want to pop in for a nice class, this is a great option for you! Drop in price is $20 per person.

My best advice is to hop on the gym’s Facebook’s, Instagram’s or Website’s to check their schedule. I would also suggest to write them a quick message or give them a call just to confirm their schedule is up to date.

If you love outdoor workouts, we sometimes have weekend bootcamps going on at the beach or local fitness events happening! Just shoot me a message if you are interested in something like that and I can share the local current events with you!

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