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Originally from Los Angeles, California, I set out on frequent travel adventures around the world. Upon traveling to Nassau, Bahamas I saw an amazing culture with much to explore, but had no idea where to start. 


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Foodie's Guide, Bahamas Style

In today's world, I would say a large percent of the population would consider themselves #foodies. Am I right? Who doesn't love a taste bud explosion?! I've noticed a common theme with travellers and their foodie expectations when coming to #TheBahamas and I wanted to set them straight.

In Nassau (our most visited city), our island is not flowing with large, long beaches, and an abundance of beach front restaurants. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Outside of the hotels, I can literally name one restaurant that is beach front, which is Blue Sail, and I would say unless your getting pizza and a beer, the view is their only strong point.

If you get rid of the expectations of a beach view whilst dining on some local goods, you can have an amazing foodie experience. Some of our best restaurants are hidden all over the island and you have to do some serious research, or know the locals to get the scoop!

Keep an eye out for some future posts, exploring all my favorite spots in Nassau!

Blue Sail, Bahamas