Pink Sands, Golf Carts, Bomb Food & Great Vibes- Harbour Island Guide

Harbour Island is one of the most asked about places in the Bahamas! It's most known for it's beautiful pink sand beaches, colorful original style cottages, cruising around in golf carts and horseback riding through the turquoise waters. Harbour Island is all of this, plus much more! If you are a food lover, this is DEFINITELY where you want to be. Believe when I say that every meal I have eaten in Harbour Island has been delicious!

I'm here to guide you through an amazing Harbour Island experience. From tips and info on how to get there to what to do, what food you should eat and where you should stay. I got you covered!

First things first, let's get there!

Where the heck is Harbour Island? It is a small island located off of the most northern tip of Eleuthera and accessible only by boat. Don't let this discourage you, as its quick, affordable and easy to access. As mentioned in my previous post, Travel Guide to an Eleuthera Adventure, North Eleuthera is only 200 Miles away from Miami, making it a quick and easy flight! There are daily flight options from Miami directly in to North Eleuthera, via American Air, Silver Airways and Bahamasair. If you are already in Nassau, you can take a quick 15-minute flight over via Southern Air, Pineapple Air, or Bahamasair. You also have the options to jump on the Fast Ferry, which will take you about 1.5 hours. The cost is the same, but I always prefer flying!

Once you've arrived at the North Eleuthera Airport, hop in a quick 3 minute cab ride to "Three Island Dock". Upon your arrival to the dock you will get on the ferry and jet over to Harbour Island in less than 5 minutes! Once you've docked you can either walk, or take a quick cab ride to your accommodation. All these quick transports will cost you $5 per person, per transport.

Where to Stay

Whether you're an Airbnb person, or hotel person, there are plenty of amazing options for you! I suggest reserving well in advance, as they book quickly! The Dunmore Hotel is hands down the most beautiful and high end hotel on the Island. With luxurious beach cottages, luscious greenery throughout the property, amazing staff/service, and phenomenal food you're sure to be amazed! There are many other hotel options as well as plenty of cute, quaint Airbnb Cottages that will do the trick. I would say the average nightly rate on the island is about $400. Prices go up from there.

Hotel options to research:

The Dunmore, Ocean View Club, Coral Sands Resort, Valentines Resort, Pink Sands Resort, The Landing & Romora Bay in no particular order :)

Here are a few Airbnb options below!

*A small side note, once you arrive in Harbour Island, you can either walk, bike or rent a golf cart. My suggestion is to rent a golf cart, it's more convenient, and it makes exploring a breeze! When you set up your accommodations, just ask for a golf cart rental as well!

Things To Do

Harbour Island is quite small, and you can basically see everything in one day, however the more time you have, the less you have rush around and the more you get explore.

This is an obvious activity, but you must spend some time on the pink sand beaches! Take a walk, read a book and just enjoy the beauty of the pink sand against the bright blue waters. It will be an eye orgasm!

Grab your golf cart and take Bay Street north, until it starts curving around. You will find a beautiful sandbar, with jaw dropping photo ops! You can walk out a half a mile or so, and still only be ankle deep in water! Try finding the sweet spot in the time of the day when the tide is super low, you will see the sandbar at its peak of beauty!

Go shopping! Especially for you girls that love resort wear, this is the absolute best place to shop! There are so many cute boutiques. From Dakes, to Sugarmill to Blue Rooster, you will for sure find some excellent items to wear on your vacay!

You must go on some sort of excursion. There are some great dive spots, snorkel spots and amazing full day excursions that you will not want to miss out on! Stop into Valentines Marina to get some more info on diving & snorkeling, or shoot me a message to schedule an all day excursion!

Finally, eat, ALOT! But that deserves a whole section, see below!

The Best Section, Where to eat!

I can honestly say that you can go anywhere and your tastebuds will be happy with your decision! Here are my favorite places and the items I ordered that really shocked me with their excellence!

  • The Queen Conch- Bahamian Food; Dolphin Dip

  • Arthur's Bakery- Bahamian Baked Goods; Coconut Bread

  • Da Vine Sushi- Japanese Food; Best Crispy Spicy Tuna I've ever had!

  • Sip Sip- Bahamian with a twist; Ahi Tuna & Watermelon Salad, Lobster Quesadilla

  • The Dunmore- Bahamian with a twist; The Dunmore Breakfast, best scrambled eggs I've ever had!

  • Ocean View Club - Bahamian with a twist; Ribs with Macaroni

  • The Landing- European; Goat Cheese Ravioli

  • Sweet Spot Cafe- Fresh Pressed Juices

  • Cocoa Coffee House- Coffee

You've got the inside scoop, now start booking! Harbour Island is such a magical place and I am sure you'll have an amazing time. It's safe, good for families, couples, singles, everyone! It's one of those vacations you will continue to book year after year and never get sick of! As always, if you have any questions at all, you can always reach out, I'm happy to assist!

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