Best Excursions in Nassau, Bahamas!

Updated: Apr 25

If you could treat yourself to one amazing thing while on your Bahamas vacation, I would say put your money towards an excursion. I always suggest doing a day trip to Exuma first, however if you are trying to keep yourself on a budget, staying local is a much more affordable option, and you will be able to see some really amazing spots! These are all very intermediate/beginner snorkeling locations, as long as you can swim comfortably, you will be “A- OKAY”!

First and foremost, you must know that a boat has to be involved to get to these spots, and more likely than not, you will have to book a private excursion for you and your crew. Pricing usually starts around $700 for an excursion, up to 6 people. Get in touch with me if you’d like to move forward with booking, I’ll make sure you have the best experience!

Underwater sculptures

If you’ve been doing your Bahamas research, I’m sure you’ve come across these beautiful sculptures at one point or another. There are a few of them located just off shore, an accessible by boat or land, they are easy to explore, close to the surface of the water, and just require snorkels! I highly recommend this spot as it provides for the best photo ops!

Green Cay

Green Cay is a small little island, usually swarming with turtles! Have your captain take you to Green Cay, jump off the boat and take a little swim with the cutest little guys in the water. Depending on the day, you may see tons! The water is usually relatively calm, there is usually a current, but the shore is close by!

Snorkel a reef

There are so many reefs en route to Rose Island, have your captain take you to a few, and just swim around! If you are an experienced spear-fisher, bring your gear and catch some grouper or lobster for you and your crew!

Cliff Jumping

On the south side of Rose Island, you will come across some nice little cliffs that you can jump off into the water. They aren't your traditional cliff jump, however they will give you the thrill you need! Bring your snorkel and see all the amazing fish and creatures once you take your plunge!

Rose Island, Cliff Jumping

Go to a beach bar

You can’t take an excursion out to Rose Island without stopping at Footprints for lunch & a cocktail! End your day here with a nice hamburger, some loud music, perhaps a little beach volleyball, and some relaxation on the beach! Explore the island a little more if you’d like and see what else you can find! There are always little creatures around if you look hard enough, you will find them!

Footprints, Rose Island

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