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Originally from Los Angeles, California, I set out on frequent travel adventures around the world. Upon traveling to Nassau, Bahamas I saw an amazing culture with much to explore, but had no idea where to start. 


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What's Cooking in Spanish Wells?

First off, what the hell is Spanish Wells? It's a little gem of an Island located off the island of Eleuthera. This little 1.5 mile long by a quarter mile wide island is the fishing capitol of the Bahamas. The are Red Lobsters main supply of crawfish #funfact and as of recently have swimming pigs! Head to Spanish Wells for a true local Bahamian experience. And dont forget to stop at the Sandbar, for quite possibly the best "Chicken in da bag" in all of the Bahamas!

Things to know :

-you can get there by the Bahamas Ferry (a two hour ferry ride for about $160 bucks round trip)

-Stay a night- you can stay at the Spanish Wells Yacht Haven, or rent an Airbnb

- cruise around on golf carts, not really any normal cars here

- take the local ferry over to the main island, rent a car, explore (check out my other blogs on Eleuthera)

-get extra hot sauce on your chicken in da bag... thank me later

For help on booking this experience, email us at info@floatyourboatbahamas.com

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