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It’s always nice to bring souvenirs home from your vacay, for yourself & your friends/family! More often than not, your souvenirs are mass produced somewhere in Asia or South America. This is why I’ve created a post to help you shop local and support local businesses. All the shops below have true handcrafted trinkets & art, from the Bahamas, made by Bahamians! Take the extra cab or drive over to these hidden gems and find some great authentic gifts!

Doongalik Studio

This is a traditional Bahamian style cottage on a large piece of property surrounded by lush greenery. The property itself is beautiful and is home of a must see art exhibit! This little shop is filled with handmade items, from clothes, to REAL straw items, to cups and tons of fun little knick knacks. They have an assortment of colorful items that will bring you back to the Bahamas every time you look at them! Everyone that works here is extremely kind and welcoming. They won't hesitate to tell you about each item, and all the love that was included in making it!

Bahama Art and Handicraft

This is my favorite spot. I love to buy my artwork here, and I always check back for new items as they update often! You will know you’ve reached as soon as you see the beautifully colored bright building with all the crafty knickknacks and art outside. As you make your way into the little cottage you will find an array of Bahamian books, locally made trinkets, driftwood art and beautiful locally made paintings. Before you leave, make sure to check out the upstairs area. You don’t want to miss all the additional wood furniture and paintings!

Bahamas Handprint

This is a one of a kind spot! This fabric shop has been open since the 1960’s and is a must see for bags, pillows, caftans and more! Their east location (by Paradise Island) is where all the items are actually printed and created in their workshop! They have an array of beautiful, bright island fabrics that can be transformed into pillows, pants, duffle bags, ties or WHATEVER YOU WANT! If you are looking to bring a little of The Bahamas back with you, I suggest stopping by and picking up a pillowcase for your home to always remember your trip!

Straw Market

Straw Market, Bahamas Photo by : Steve Grundy

This is a tricky one and I didn’t know if I should list it, but I feel as if it’s a crime not to. The Straw Market has been a historical part of The Bahamas since the 1940’s. For many years, handmade straw items were created and sold to be used in everyday life. Since tourism took over, there has been a shift in the market. Today at the straw market, you will find many imported goods, like those you would find anywhere else in the world. There are however, some locally made items. I would suggest asking the vendor what items are locally made, and then ask again just to be sure 🙂 This is a great spot to see as it is historical, however you should go with a bargain brain. You should also make sure to buy only the local goods! There are two straw markets, one Downtown, which is the main one, and another one in Cable Beach, which is less crowded and easier to manage, plus its next

to the Daq Shack!

*Pro Tips for The Bahamas: don't use Apple Maps, Google is more accurate! Just type in the shop name and you will be directed! Bahamas Handprints has two locations, one East (the main shop where printing is done) and one West by Island house.

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