Travel Guide to an Eleuthera Adventure

Eleuthera is one of the most amazing Islands I have visited in the Bahamas. The island is long and skinny, allowing you to see the water from basically anywhere. Each settlement offers a different feel, but all of which bring the feeling of complete happiness and relaxation. Eleuthera is the perfect amount of “off the grid” mixed with nice hotels, good restaurants, and great attractions. 

How to get there

You have a few options when choosing to travel to Eleuthera. Being only 200 miles away from Miami, it’s a quick and easy 45-minute flight! There are daily flight options from Miami directly into Eleuthera, via American Air & Bahamasair. There are 3 different airports in Eleuthera, so it’s important to know where your accommodations will be before booking. Rock Sound Airport is in the South, Governors Harbour is Central, and North Eleuthera Airport in the North. If you are already in Nassau, you can take a quick 15-minute flight over, or hop on the Fast Ferry, which will take you about 1.5 hours (North Eleuthera Only). Both cost the same,

I always prefer flying 🙂

The South, Central & North

The island is only 100 miles, so it’s easily drivable in a day, however choosing where you stay is imperative to how your trip will be designed. The South’s most notable attraction is Lighthouse Beach, more to follow about that below. Besides for that there is not too much to explore, so I always suggest staying Central or North. Central you have Governers Harbour, which is the mecca for a few great restaurants & hotels, good vibes, and the obvious central location, which makes it easy to travel around the island. In the North, you will find most of the attractions, the Sapphire Blue Hole, Queens Bath, Glass Window Bridge, Harbour Island & Spanish Wells. Wherever you go, you are sure to have an amazing time!

Harbour Island

Harbour Island deserves a whole blog post (which will be coming soon!) but in a nutshell, Harbour Island is known to be “The St. Barth's of The Bahamas”. It’s a beautiful small island off the northern tip of Eleuthera, with beautiful multi colored plantation style homes all around, beautiful pink sand beaches, 5-star hotels and amazing food! You cruise around in golf carts, everyone is kind, and the shopping is phenomenal! This is definitely a must see and look out for a future blog post on how to get there, the best restaurants, beaches, and much more!

Sapphire Blue Hole

Located just past Preachers Cave in North Eleuthera, this is quite possibly one of the best attractions in all the Bahamas. The electric blue colors are simply amazing, and a must see when in Eleuthera. Grab your snorkels, jump off the cliffs into the blue hole, and explore the beauty of the natural made sinkhole, in the middle of the forest!

Glass Window Bridge

The narrowest point of the Island, at only 30 feet wide, this bridge connects the northern part of Eleuthera to the Central and is a must see! This is one of the most beautiful parts of the island, and one of the only places in the world where you can see the deep blues of the Atlantic Ocean, and the light and bright turquoise colors of the shallow Caribbean Sea! Quickly stop by for a great photo opp and a breathtaking view!

Queens Bath

Just south of the Glass Window Bridge is the queens Bath, which is basically a bunch of tide pools & naturally made hot tubs! These little crevasses are filled with creatures and are just waiting for you to take a dip! Explore the caves and relax in these naturally made earth tubs! Make sure to bring some sturdy shoes, as it’s a little tough to walk down there, and its best enjoyed when the tide is not too high!

Lighthouse Beach

Located at the very most southern tip of Eleuthera, this is probably the most magnificent beaches I have ever seen! The sand is soft and pink, and you can frolic in both the Atlantic & Caribbean Sea! Explore the caves, snorkel in the beautiful water, climb up to the historic lighthouse and be mind blown at its natural beauty!

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