Visiting the Bahamas after The CoronaVirus Pandemic

The Bahamas is set to open its borders to tourists on July 1st, and vacations will look different for a while after the Corona Virus Pandemic. Adapting to the new normal will have an impact on everyone, I do think that there is a better way to travel, specifically to the Bahamas to have the best experience. Read on for a few tips that you should take advantage of. By following these tips, you will support the local community, get the best out of your trip, and stay safe during your travels!

Staying away from large groups is the safer route as we move forward to our new normal. Enjoy your vacation and all the beauty The Bahamas offers with these simple but effective suggestions.

One Cable Beach, Nassau Bahamas

Stay in Airbnb's instead of Big Hotels

Staying in an Airbnb both supports the local community and also keeps you away from large crowds. You can feel more comfortable, knowing that you have a clean space for just you and your group. There are plenty of beautiful Airbnbs all over the island, sure to fit any group's needs.

  • Check out my list of Rentals under $200 here.

  • Another list of amazing rentals can be found at the beginning of my Acoomadations article, which can be found here.

  • Check out my personal Airbnb here!

Georgetown, Exuma

Visit the Family Islands

There is no better time to visit the family islands than now. The Family islands have a much smaller population, you will be instantly supporting local businesses, and you will have beaches basically all to yourself.

If you're looking for an escape with some peace and quiet plus some beautiful scenery, this is an excellent option for you. Check out my Family Island Travel Guide (created after Hurricane Dorian) to find out which island would be the best choice for you.

You can also check out my Eleuthera Guide, Harbour Island Guide, or Great Exuma Guide.

Private Excursion, Rose Island

Book private Boat Charters

I always suggest booking private tours over group tours. They tend to be less touristy and ultimately give you the best experience. Now more than ever, you will find tons of value in a private excursion.

We offer plenty of options for tours, check out our Private Excursions Page for information on all the excursions we offer. We can facilitate whatever your

needs are, send an email with your requests.

Fly Private to avoid 3-4 hour wait times at the airport

If you can afford to pay a bit more money, you can save lots of time, after all, time is money :) We have paired with a private airline that will have you flying into the Bahamas, and clearing customs in under 1.5 hours. Pricing is about $700 per person, contact me today for more info.

The Daq Shack, Cable Beach

Support local small restaurants and bars

Take advantage of this time to eat at the small local restaurants and bars as they will need your business, and you will be supporting the locals and getting a local experience all in one. Instead of choosing the big fancy restaurants, opt for taking out from the local small spots, or dine in and experience how the locals live. Tons of local spots will give you a fun experience and some delicious food.

Check out my Guide to Local Food Joints for some suggestions!

Hire locals to come to your house for services

There are plenty of services you hire, all while staying in the comfort of your vacation rental. Take advantage of at-home services and have people such as Masseues, Chefs, and Personal Trainers come to you. Hiring people to come to you will keep you from the large

crowds and provide all the benefits of being on vacation.

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